Merida by Camella Homes is a residential property that offers various comforting facilities, luxurious amenities as well as convenient features to the residents. Merida is an excellent development of Camella Homes that is popular for crafting brilliant homes with resort-like amenities to its people. 

Merida provides a 24 x 7 supply of clean water to all the various townhouses such that the daily chores can be carried out uninterruptedly. There is a large-sized clubhouse accommodated within the property for the use of the residents. This well-designed spot can be used for various convenient as well as interesting purposes. There can be a number of recreational activities arranged in the clubhouse where the residents can spend some quality time with their family as well as friends. In order to hold meetings, the residents can use the clubhouse such that an uninterrupted meeting can be carried out. All in all, this clubhouse is an essential offering of Merida that can be put to use in multiple ways.

Merida features lush green parks where the residents can spend quality time amidst absolute beauty. These parks can be used by the kids to play with friends where they even get to learn about various plants. Elders get to spend some immensely peaceful time amidst lush greenery. These parks can even be used by the residents to host parties, events, and gatherings. This provision allows the residents to host parties, right at their residing location. Hence, the occupants are saved from the hassles of hunting a perfect location for hosting events and gatherings. Also, when you can host events at your own residing community then preparations get all the more easy and convenient. 

In today's world where all the kids are seen busy with their handheld gadgets, Merida pays immense attention to the correct upbringing of the kids. It accommodates a huge playing ground within the property such that the kids can have a fun time with their friends while playing their favorite games. This keeps them active, energetic as well as away from electronic gadgets. 

A maintenance team is also employed by the developers to ensure the proper functioning and usage of all the available amenities and facilities. Such kinds of facilities and features make life not just convenient but also worthy of your hard earned savings.

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